First post


I’ve started this blog in order to document the next three years of medical school, which will consist of clinical rotations. Due to stupid scheduling at my university, I’ll start in April, 2012. In the meantime I’m going to do the mandatory research internship in molecular microbiology.

Why start a blog this early? I’ve used various nicknames on different blogs and now I’ve finally decided on a nickname/blogname I like.  I’ll probably post some med school stories etc and I promise to not to bore you to death with bacteria-related stories.

This is the first and last warning that I’m not a native speaker of English so there will be lots of grammar mistakes etc. Our texts are also in English but unfortunately, that doesn’t teach us to properly write in English…

Some facts:

  1. I’m a few months away of getting my BSc but I don’t think we really covered any ‘science’.
  2. It took 3 years to find out who the gunners in our year were. Until a few months ago, we didn’t have gunners. Really!
  3. So far, I’ve incorrectly diagnosed myself with whooping cough and an aneurysm of the aorta. I was much worse when I was little, I liked to read the medical encyclopedia and diagnosed myself with appendicitis, scarlet fever etc. etc.
  4. Favourite book: split between Leerboek Psychiatrie (Psychiatry; a Dutch text that is actually readable! Most Dutch books have a horrible layout) and the Big Robbins
  5. Specialty wishlist: 1) primary care/family medicine 2) anesthesia 3) psychiatry (aka: I don’t have a clue)
  6. Worst blunder: saying that my classmate had gills on an exam / accidentally dropping a cup of lemonade on a patient (nursing internship)
  7. Number of ‘my’ patients that died: 3 (all in the nursing internship, all due to terminal cancer – no it wasn’t the oncology ward!)
  8. I really liked neurology until I had to read/study ‘Neurologie by Hijdra et al’. (Sorry, Dr Grumpy…) It’s perfect for falling asleep when you can’t sleep.

Currently studying very hard for the practical exams – microbiology/pathology/farmacology/communication skills/anatomy/physiology that are on Tuesday. And procrastinating of course, hence why I started the blog 😛


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