Not vocational training

Over here, it’s commonly said that ‘medicine is just like vocational training’, meaning that a lot of emphasis is placed on practical skills instead of science / university-level teaching. Sometimes, this isn’t far from the truth, as it seems as though some teachers don’t understand what university-level education is about. Sometimes, however, I think that they severely underestimate medical students.


Quote from the Manager of Research Internships: ‘What sets the study of medicine apart from vocational training, is that you’ll learn how to do research.’ Er… right. I thought it also had to do with the fact that we’re supposed to learn a lot of theory and basal science?


Halfway year one, we had to do a practicum (wiki says it’s an English word as well?) on how to read a scientific publication. The practicum wasn’t even about methodology, we had to answer questions like ‘what is the subject of this article’ etc. So, they think we can’t read?


Overheard a lab supervisor: ‘It’s always so funny to watch the med students fumble with pipettes…’. We got about 8 lab sessions of 2 hours, how do you expect us to learn lab skills? (and of course, you could help, instead of gossiping about us)


Neuroscience professor, in our third year, just after Brain&Nerves II: ‘This is a nerve cell, perhaps you’ve seen one before’.


Supervisor of Research Internships: ‘You might want to skip the Basic Science lectures, as they’re about difficult stuff, like genes and DNA.’


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