Harp music at last!

Somehow, these last few weeks are the busiest weeks of the entire year.

How about

  • needing to get up on 6:00 AM every day (compared to those who need to get up on 4:15 it’s nothing – but it’s quite a transition if you’re used to getting up around 8:00. My internal clock still hasn’t reset itself)
  • we finally get open questions on our exam. 4 open questions. Getting one completely wrong. Therefore
  • getting the lowest marks of all the bachelor EVER.
  • (thinking you fail at life because you can’t do a simple university-level life-sciences test)
  • needing to write a paper in between tests every week

(no it’s nothing compared to what Americans need to suffer. Do you know I’m seriously considering to start studying for the USMLE so I’ll at least know SOMETHING when this is all over? A professor of mine is rather enthusiastic about getting all of us to pass the USMLE.)

So, the harp playing has been a little bit sporadic. Tonight, I forced myself to take a break from the paper-writing and play the harp. The harp is slightly out of tune due to the weather changes of the past few days so I haven’t bothered tuning it yet because it will be out of tune again in no time.

As I said in the first harp post: this is about documenting the learning process, not about showcasing my abilities. I hope, though, that you’ll get some exposure to nice harp music as well :). Today’s post isn’t really suitable for that because I only recorded one piece.

The piece: Danse d’ Automne #2by Bernard Andres

Comments: This is about the fifth time I play it, haven’t started ‘studying’ it yet. I thought it to be a good idea to record it now so you can properly compare it to future recordings. The ‘knocking’ sound is the sound of knuckles knocking the soundboard. It’s a bit weird but it sounds better than I thought. There are still lots of pauses – I’m half sightreading it.

In the last part, with the chords etc, I’m sort of ‘sliding’ my fingers across the strings to be able to quickly play the thirds and quarts. It’s hard to get right but I’m better at it than the last time I had to do it (an etude).


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