More harp!

I’m in a procrastinating mood and therefore I’ve recorded another piece: Nataliana. It is one of the hardest pieces I can currently play and I’m rather proud that I can make it to the end. I’m far from mastering it though, the most difficult part is to make it ‘one’ piece instead of several hard parts with a few easy parts in between.

The piece: Nataliana by Deborah Henson-Conant. It is a bit like a concert piece for lever harp without any lever changes. Difficult techniques include the flageolet (harmonics), quite hard to get them to ring clearly, and several descending arpeggios.

Compare with the track below – it was one of the first times ever that I played this piece. I remember feeling so proud to be able to do these chords! I never expected to be able to play this in 6 months.


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