Do you have more complaints?

Yes, the above sentence is intended as weird as it probably sounds. Many of my classmates use this question when taking a history, so when the patient states their lack of energy, headaches and fevers, they ask ‘do you have more complaints besides the ones you mentioned?’

I’ve always considered this as very weird. The Dutch word for ‘complaints’ (like head ache, GI symptoms, blurry vision whatever) is ‘klachten’ and has exactly the same meaning as in English, meaning it can also refer to ‘the things people say when complaining about bad service’ or something like that.

So why would you use such jargon when speaking with patients? I always use ‘Are you suffering from something else?’ (‘heeft u nog ergens anders last van’, hard to translate in English).

Still, no one has ever mentioned this as feedback so I haven’t said anything about it as well. After all, I sort of trust the judgement of the people teaching communication and history taking skills… It’s still weird.


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