Helpful advice

The process of getting all my ECTS in the system was quite lengthy and involved lots of e-mails, angry calls and personal visits to the student administration. Nearly everyone had some helpful suggestions as to how I should solve the problem.

  1. Call the newspaper! Everyone ought to know how they’re treating students!
  2. Call the national ombudsman! (after I dismissed the newspaper suggestion due to a potential bad effect on my reputation)
  3. Can’t you call her manager? (NO, dad, he is the manager.)
  4. Are you sure you attended the practical? There’s got to be a reason for those missing points… (YES I AM 100% SURE I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!)
  5. Computers are bad. Software is bad. This is yet another example of the evilness of technology. You shouldn’t trust them.
  6. You should contact the student administration office (planning office).
  7. You should contact the planning office (student administration office).
  8. Have you already contacted both the student administration and the planning office? (student consultant)
  9. Calm down, relax, you’ve got 8 more weeks… (student administration office… The advice that started everything.)
  10. Never mind, just fill out this form and we’ll fix it. (student administration office – the advice that made everything worse)

How I got my points? An angry call to the planning office where a kind lady finally got the student administration office to process my form.



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