Half a doctor does NOT mean half a scientist

It feels a bit like when I was doing the primary care internship and tried to explain to my supervisor that I heard some ‘ rumbling’  in the patient’s lungs. Well, worse. Now I don’t just lack the correct vocabulary, I lack the knowledge and the skills as well. I knew it was going to be a challenge, but apparently, Dutch medicine students are very ill prepared for basal research. (alright, and that I forgot that red blood cells don’t have any DNA… let’s blame it on Mr. Grey Rat’s premature demise.)

So I spent the first three days of my internship reading up on my research and watching my supervisor put a piece of DNA in a plasmid. And feeling rather stupid, as my fellow research internship students (bachelor students of biomedical sciences) don’t have any problems with understanding my resarch. So now I need to hurry up with understanding it myself…

Things I learnt:

  • The meaning of the words ‘putative’, ‘moiety’ and ‘periplasmic’ (FAIL, I should have known that one)
  • Don’t push your pipette when you’re in 1 μl of fluid. It will start to foam and you might almost fail the blot you are doing
  • Scientists are also very good at pimping
  • After 4 hours, reading the NEJM and the BMJ ‘for fun’ is better than trying to figure out at how enzyme-ase catalyzes 1,2,3-alpha-protein to 2-7-beta-protein.
  • Finally being allowed to pipette something makes me ridiculously happy.

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