Slightly less depressed :)

Fortunately, the ‘everything-goes-wrong’-streak broke, several experiments finally went the way they should and the results are looking quite promising. It also helps a lot that there’s a Christmas break – finally some time away from the lab! Now I’m finally able to properly enjoy the daylight again, usually I leave when it’s still dark and I return when it’s dark again.

Still, I’m feeling a bit ambivalent toward the internship, as I’ve come to realize that the supervision isn’t as optimal as it should be. At first, being left to work on your own is quite liberating – no one could see how I fumbled around with the pipettes on the first day- but in the end, it’s nice to have someone check in on me every once in a while. Especially as it feels as though I’m dragging people away from their Very Important Stuff when I’ve got a question (or don’t know what to do).

Fortunately, there are still quite some days of holiday left, so I’ll thoughougly enjoy that and go back to work with a fresh mindset! Or something like that…


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