Rutter’s Requiem

About a year ago, I read about the Rutter Requiem on the Harp Column forums and I though, let’s look it up on YouTube. I didn’t regret it! I watched the video you can see below, there’s also a harpist in it.

This is one of the few pieces that made me go ‘WOW!!!!!’ when I first heard it. It took me quite some listening rounds to finally like the Handel harp concerto (I watched all of the YouTube Orchestra entries when I was bored – Maria Chiossi‘s entry really brought that concerto alive!). But this, it touched me instantly.

It turns out that the composer put quite some videos online in which he discusses writing the Requiem and the thoughts and ideas behind it. I couldn’t not share these, so here is the first video:

And they’re going to perform it in the Concertgebouw!!!! (Dutch equivalent of Carnegie Hall I think). Last year, a local choir in a little village in the middle of nowhere performed it on Remembrance day (when there aren’t any buses/trains etc) so I couldn’t go there to see it live. But now a professional choir and professional orchestra are going to perform! So I’ll definitely go there to see it! 😀


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