New things

The new harpcolumn is awesome! It’s like a social network for harpists! I still prefer having a blog – it’s a bit odd that all blogposts are synched to a central page where all recent entries appear – but I’m starting to fall in love with all the features it offers (just go and look 🙂 ).

Regarding – partly through reading such forums, I got back to the harp. Reading about everything that’s possible with the harp, issues people encounter (and recognizing, hey, I’m not the only one who has difficulties with x), interesting posts about effective practice… I’m not really active there, because there are much more knowledgable people than I am. But it’s great to read along with the discussions and sometimes contribute something.

Other new things: a new year has started, I’m a fifth year med student now! Only 2 years to go and I’m a ‘basisarts’ (junior doctor). I haven’t found a new harp teacher yet, but after a very nice three-hour session with my first harp teacher, I feel confident to really get started on the lever harp version of the Händel concerto.

Also a rather sad new development – rat #2 (Mr White Rat with a Slightly Darker Stripe than the other one) seems to have developed a tumor. After the events of last year, I’m rather reluctant to go to the vet again, so at the moment I’m trusting my clinical judgement that immediate action isn’t necessary. Actually, he’s not ‘ill’ at all – he’s still eating, drinking, he can still climb (the tumor is the size of a small chestnut!) and it doesn’t appear to cause him pain. And he’s two years old – we’re not expecting him to live forever anyway… but I’d have preferred to discuss appropriate end-of-life care for him. Perhaps we’ll give the vet a call next week…


One Comment on “New things”

  1. I gained a great deal of comfort, particularly when I first started with harp lessons, from reading the harp column forums and discovering that I was not the only one having issues/ problems with learning to play the durn thing.
    Congrats on the start of year 5! Persevere!
    I hope rat #2 continues to not notice that he may be ill, and that he carries on having a good rat life for some time to come.

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