It’s been a while…

Almost six months later and I

  • started my last year of medicine. In less than a year I’m supposed to be a doctor!
  • am able to play through the first movement of the Händel concerto
  • discovered that my thumb placement in harp playing is TOTALLY wrong (I’m trying to get it right, but I’ve played the harp like this for 14-16 years…)
  • have changed from a ‘shy’ ‘introvert’ person into an ‘assertive’ person (according to my evaluations.) It could have something to do with the fact that this year, my performance is graded based on 1-to-1 observations of patient encounters instead of how I function in a group full of extraverted people during a 1-hour teaching session…
  • Still can’t stop procrastinating. Tomorrow, I’ll have to present something about psychiatry and it’s 20:30 already…




2 Comments on “It’s been a while…”

  1. I am amazed that you have found the time to progress with the Handel Concerto in addition to the whole becoming-a-doctor aspect of your life.
    I hate, hate, hate finding out that some harp technique thing is totally fouled up and I have to relearn it. For me, it’s that my middle finger has decided to hike up during cross-overs and cross-unders. Back to the slow scale drudgery, and also filming my hands with my ipad while I practice pieces, so I can catch them being uncooperative while I am distracted by reading music. Good luck with the thumb retraining program! And I hope you have a happy Christmas, as well!

    • CT says:

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, they really make my day!
      Indeed, the re-learning process is really annoying – the only way to do it is to take a step back and play slower. And of course, after a long day I want to sit down and play, not agonize over my thumb placement… But I think it’s getting better – whenever I practise, I dedicate some time to doing my warming up excercises really slowly and thoughtfully, and then I start on the pieces I’m working on (now it’s only the Händel – I stopped the lessons with Cheyenne due to longer shifts in the hospital). At first, I didn’t really notice any difference (the thumb would be fine during the dedicated practising and back to ‘bad’ during the Händel) but now (2 months later) the thumb is sometimes in its correct position when I’m not thinking about it. So there is still hope… 🙂
      Re: my progress on the Händel – playing music is THE thing that will immediately take my mind out of ‘hospital mode’ so even if it’s just half an hour of mostly warming up/ improvisation and maybe a few bars of the Händel, it’s incredibly relaxing to play before bedtime! So, apparently, it works to just take my time and not hurry it.

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